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The Forest and the Trees:

From Ideation to Implementation

We create, implement, and build projects with communities for equitable policy change.

About Us

About Us

We are big picture visionaries, nuts-and-bolts fixers bringing a justice and equity lens to creating and getting challenging programs and policies off the ground.


With decades of experience in program creation and implementation in government, philanthropy, non-profit community, and economic development sectors, we can effectively pivot an existing program, conceptualize new ones, or change a policy for the better.


Kavita Pawria-Sanchez has worked nearly two decades in New York City’s government, legal and non-profit spheres. Passionate about creating socially conscious, practical results, she is trained as a civil rights attorney and policy analyst and is a social activist at her core.

More About Us

Siddhartha Sanchez has been a philanthropic advisor to the Simon Bolivar Foundation for the past eight years, where he has overseen over $8M in grants directed towards South Bronx non-profits, seeding innovative programs and attracting new and increased funding for the area. Siddhartha's background in the private, public and non-profit arenas have resulted in deep relationships across various sectors and in both City and State government.  

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Our Approach


We Lead Projects

We are confident in overseeing the design, strategy and implementation of challenging projects, whether the budget is $40,000 or 40 million. We lead and bring ideas for participatory processes and outreach, including working with partners across sectors.

We build capacity, coming into a new project that is lacking direction and needs an immediate go-getter. We understand that not everyone can wear any hat, and distribute roles based on the needs of the project - and the skills and passions of the individual’s on a team. We bring in the right talent at the right time.


We Build Programs

We want to see action. We are caring and thoughtful, but also clear and assertive. We are expert facilitators, with over 35 combined years of experience, building relationships and collaborating with civil society, governments,  philanthropies, non-profits, and marketing groups to build consensus amongst diverse stakeholders.


We have experience in immigration, civic engagement, social services, and economic development, and focus on small business support, community health, participatory budgeting, democratic decision making, and community organizing.


We Change Policies

Policies are often the root cause of a problem. We are able to identify problematic policies or funding gaps and reimagine policy as a tool for good. 

Whether it's changing policy for the better, writing them from scratch, or advocating against a particular policy, we can look at a policy and say: what are the ways this doesn't solve the problem it was meant to solve, or, harms people and can be stronger?

Our Approach



We work with internal and external stakeholders to develop a cohesive vision, scope and strategy.  ​We care about the process as much as the goals, and embrace the messy. Assembling great minds for creative brainstorms, and turning these conversations into something concrete is what we do best.


We engage with  impacted communities to inform the work and develop appropriate outreach strategies.

We love scheming, advocating for support and resources. 


We plan, hire, write, and do all program logistics, including informing the development of data tracking systems. We leverage our expertise and professional networks on getting projects up and running, moving them where they need to be within a specified time frame.


We have a proven track record of managing initiatives from $50K to 70m, 6 month or 5 year, providing analytical and technical assistance for complex, interdisciplinary projects involving multiple stakeholders.

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